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Triple A’s beef is 90% fat free and aged from 18 to 21 days. Some people will say that it is “the best steak in town”. Whether it is grilled, stewed, or roasted, Triple A’s beef will stay tender and flavourful; it will make you guests jealous!

  • Flank steak (plain or marinated)
  • Ground beef (90% lean or semi-lean)
  • Beef skewers (nature or pirate)
  • Tender 1” beef cubes
  • Plain cubed beef for skewers
  • Chinese Fondue
  • Beef patties 85% lean
  • Beef strips (plain or pirate)
  • Lac St-Jean pâté mix
  • Boneless european palette
  • Boneless palette
  • King’s roti
  • Ribs, Ribs steak (½ ou ¾)
  • Tenderised beef steak
  • King’s steak (plain or 3 peppers)
  • 3 peppers king’s steak ¾’’
  • Boneless sirloin ¾’’
  • Striploin steak ¾’’
  • Sirloin steak ( ½’’ ou ¾’’)
  • Filet mignon steak (½’’,  ¾’’ ou 1”)
  • T-Bone, Porterhouse steak (½ ou ¾)
  • Beef filet mignon tournedos (plain or pirate)
  • Grounded meat trio ( pork, veal and beef )
  • Sliced smoked meat

Veal and Lamb

In cutlet or chopped, New Zealand lamb and 100% Quebec veal are interesting alternatives to usual meat cuts. With a more delicate taste,  they will arouse your family’s taste buds.

  • Grounded lamb
  • French rack of lamb
  • Lamb cutlets
  • Stew cubes
  • Veal cutlet
  • Thin veal liver
  • Boneless leg of lamb
  • Tip roast of grain fed veal shoulder
  • Grain-fed veal tournedos with bacon
  • Grounded meat trio (pork, veal, beef )
  • Grounded lean veal

Horse and Bison

Are you looking for a lean and tasteful meat? Horse and bison meats will be a good choice. Try them on the barbecue during the summer or in a fondue in the winter. What a treat!

  • Extra lean grounded horse
  • Horse tournedos
  • Steak horse sirloin
  • Horse Filet mignon
  • Horse chinese fondue
  • Grounded bison
  • Roasted bison
  • Grounded wapiti
NB: Note that the list of meat cuts on our website can change without notice. We recommend checking availability with our advisors.

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